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The Talmag

I don’t quite know what the Clerk of the Course was on but I think it must have made him a bit optimistic! We rode the so-called easy route but judging by the number of good riders now opting for this, something has to be wrong. The first 10 sections were hard, very muddy, difficult to get out of when you got stuck and at the first section, Dick counted 43 riders in the queue in front of him!

The trial started at 9.30 am and we finally finished riding at 4 pm and were beginning to wonder if we would need lights! Dick came out the best of us on 50 lost, Chris was next on 52 and me last as usual on 54 – and to think I actually won that class in 2001!!!!

As far as Greeves were concerned, some still crept in as Grumph sidecar outfits. Pictured is the outfit of D.Etheridge from Maidstone, with D.Denyer as ballast and cunningly disguised in the programme as a Triumph. The bike started off in life as a 1960 Hawkstone SCS.