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The Somerton Classic 2 Day Trial

Held on the 8/9th June, the venue was Lower Pitts Farm, Priddy by kind permission of enthusiastic farmer Richard Masters. A flat, grassy field just off the road complete with a couple of portaloos was available for those of the 71 riders entered to make use of if they so wished. With a pub 1 mile in one direction and another ½ mile the other, who could wish for more? This was the 4th year of running the event and they certainly got the weather right, 2 days of brilliant sunshine!

The course was laid around a couple of farms and provided 12 very entertaining sections. These were covered twice on Saturday afternoon, and, suitably modified, 4 times on Sunday. 9 Greeves were entered and Terry Sewell did extremely well to finish the whole event on 0 marks lost!

All in all a brilliant weekend. Many thanks to Stuart Wigmore and the Somerton Classic MCC lads. Look out for a full report in Leading Link. Don’t miss it next year!