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The Perce Simon Trial, Ringwood

Frost to begin with but at least it stayed dry. A slightly different route this year but a good trial all the same. Are trials getting harder or are we getting too old for it? I think this question was finally answered the next day, however....... The Ringwood Club laid out 20 sections split over 2 areas with a bit of road-going in between. My day was not helped by a mid-week mishap whilst cross-country running. I tripped on a speed-bump (it was dark!) which really did the trick as I bit the tarmac in the final sprint to the finish! I would never have believed the damage you can do without being on a bike!

The sections were OK but where were all the Greeves? Three GRA members, Alan Nicklin, Dick Faggetter and myself but there were not that many other traditional British bikes but plenty of ultra-competitive riders on 'modified' machines plus twinshocks.

Apart from myself, the Anglian also was not at its best. At section 3, the throttle stuck, she revved and taking off the plug lead made no difference! Luckily, the air cleaner was loose and a glove stuffed into the carb avoided destruction. I had got the wrong plug in somehow and my spare was the same. I think Matron must have been having a swop-around!

Having got over that, the bike behaved itself and we found the sections OK but harder than last time. The gritty section that stopped us (or at least our chains) last year was thankfully omitted. The road route was also different and for some reason, we didn't use the estate roads.

We finished the event OK, albeit waaaay down the results despite (by our standards) a reasonable ride. and my injuries just about stood up to the effort. Hero of the day was Alan Nicklin who lost a total of 1 mark on the hard route, a feat managed by no other rider, a fantastic achievement! Even better, it was on an iron-barreled Scottish! Eat your hearts out £10k 'Bantam TY175' owners! Very well done Alan and apparently, the sole dab was a silly one!

Having packed up and still possessing working bikes, it was off up to Berkshire for the next days Downland Trophy.