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The Perce Simon Reunion

Based on the village hall at Ibsley near Ringwood on the edge of the New Forest, the event attracted a good display of bikes plus a number of former Greeves works riders. Tony Davis, Bryan Sharpe, Chris Cullen, George Greenland, Ginger Budd and Derek Rickman were just a few of the past riders all catching up on past times. One notable absentee, especially as he is usually the chief man, was Mike Jackson, unfortunately detained in hospital in Daytona with a leg problem. Get well soon, Mike!

The format of the day is to arrive at the hall at around 1100hrs, 'sign on' and enjoy tea and biscuits provided by the good ladies. The display of bikes this year included Chris Cullen's immaculate TES, only bought as a pile of bits recently from a Leading Link ad and swiftly rebuilt. John Downer brought along an interesting bike consisting of a TE loop grafted on to an Anglian rear end. There was also a very original Anglian and a rebuilt TES in a pick-up but I never discovered the owner. A Trials Cub also had a Greeves connection as it had previously been owned by Bill Brooker!

At around 1230, a welcoming speech was held and this year, a small auction was held in aid of charity. Following this, Penny rounded up as many as she could for a walk out on to the forest to visit a few of the old sections from years gone by. This time, after about 3/4 mile we came to , a gentle rise through bog followed by a much steeper piece of hillside, the ends cards being located on the very top! A lengthy discussion took place regarding the best lines and the antics of past riders were recalled. With so many of the top riders present, there was no shortage of views! '???' was not far away but not visited due to the poor ground.

We then went even further into the forest and stopped at ??? as no doubt many did in the past! Again, a wide, open section involving bog and a steep climb. Distant trees were pointed out as the start of various riders approach runs and with sections like these, I think it explains why the Anglian had only a 58 tooth rear sprocket and not the 158's used today!

Having completed our inspection, we made our way back to the hall for further much needed refreshment. Once we had recovered and compared notes, it was soon time to depart. With hot sunshine and the company of such great people, it was definitely a brilliant day out. The event will be held on the first Monday in September again next year so make a note now!