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The Mike Kemp Trial Report

Hungry Hill, Aldershot was slightly damp to begin with but once the dead leaves had been scattered, the sections were in excellent form. The course was plotted by GRA members Martin Kemp and Jeff Morgan and consisted of 12 sections to be ridden 3 times by the 110 riders entered. 5 Greeves were amongst these, the Anglians of Dick Faggetter and Mike Tizard, 2 TES’s, one of which may have belonged to a GRA member but the number was not in the programme and lastly, my Anglian.

A ‘start where you like’ scheme seemed to avert queues and with 3 routes to chose from, it paid to look where you were going. Mike, being a keen and thrusting military type, opted for the ‘red’ intermediate route whilst Dick and I chose the appropriately coloured ‘yellow’ easy route. That didn’t help me much as a tree jumped out on my first section and I started with a very silly 5! Dick couldn’t understand what went wrong and then did the same thing on the last lap. We saw Mike a couple of times and he was aceing it up on reds whist Dick and I wobbled our way around. As the sections wore in, so they improved and a very good selection was provided. Climbs, turns, cambers, it was all there. What was not there was anything dangerous, no hairy drops or silly turns and all sections were easy to escape from in case of trouble. This is yet another event to add to the ‘suitable for GRA members’ list, a trial where the organisers want to cater for all tastes, not just the trick-bike aces and lay out sections accordingly.

The event also hosted a class for ‘elite twinshocks’ (whatever they are) and some of the sections were quite impressive on the hard route. Quite a few younger riders were in evidence, employing modern techniques on 80’s bikes and achieving things that would not have been seen in a national back in the day. All in all, a good day out and the event was rounded off by a visit to the very reasonably-priced ‘Naafi wagon’ for the traditional Xmas burger. Well done to all concerned – the Thames Motorcycling Club and especially to Martin and Jeff (the latter also observing).

Too Good to Ride? No, of Course Not, Just Very Well Prepared!