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The Jack Thompson Trial 2015

A very enjoyable trial was laid on by Alan Clarke of the Sidcup club with something to suit all abilities. No less than 9 Greeves plus 1 Tri-Greeves took part of which 5 were GRA members. The sections were laid out in woodland alongside the M25 motorway to begin with and then moved into the denser wooded area beyond the motocross circuit.

Despite the recent wet weather, there was hardly any of the mud for which Kentish trials are famous. The sections were laid out in traditional style with no tight turns or other modern nonsense. The Sidcup club can be relied upon to lay on a good trial and this was borne out by the number of heavyweights that entered. There were no fewer than 4 Ariels, 9 Royal Enfields and a mighty 14 AMC machines!

At the end of the day, riding the easy route , the first 5 places were filled by GRA members riding Greeves (they don't always!). First was Dick faggetter, next Terry Sewell, I was third, John Pattinson fourth and John Pocklington fifth, a good day for Greeves!

Spot the Greeves!
(Photo courtesy of Sidcup & Dist MCC)