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The Jack Thompson Trial 2014

The organising Sidcup & District MCC lay out 3 routes for this event and always attract an entry of over 100 British bikes. The mix of machines competing range from period rigids right up to 2014 'Bantams' and 'Cubs'. As mentioned earlier, Greeves were well-represented as was the GRA and in one or two queues for sections, I seemed to be surrounded by nothing but Greeves!

First casualty of the day was poor old Dick whose van destroyed its crankshaft sensor and would not start so he was unfortunately a non-starter. New GRA member Andy Belenkin turned up with his very recently acquired TDS Scottish. He was very lucky to find this and it performed as well as it looked (and Andy wasn't too bad either considering he had not ridden in a trial for many years!).

The trial was really one of two halves. The sections along the banks and woods facing the motorway were good (with one exception) but the ones over the back of the motocross track were very different with a distinct lack of grip. Andy and I started at section 11 (the bank) and were lulled into a false sense of security. Riding the easiest route (wimp!) I began to think I had chosen the wrong route but the mud and tight turns of section 19 put paid to that. When we got round to sections 1 to 10, the soft-going became apparent but the sections were do-able apart from number 6 which involved a turn and very muddy climb. However, on the 2nd lap, I gave myself a very stern talking to and cleaned it!

I have to admit, the mud was a challenge, especially on a 2 stroke and it was amazing just what the Anglian could achieve. I also saw an iron-barrelled Villiers on the hard route being ridden like a modern bike and not by a youngster either - quite amazing what these old things can do in the right hands.

Despite the occasional light shower, the weather held all day although having lost a lot of time on the first lap and being a late number, I was quite late in finishing although by no means the last. Amongst the GRA members I managed to talk to Terry Sewell seemed to be enjoying himself to finish 4th on the intermeidte route followed in 5th by John Pattinson who incidently, has ridden in every one of the 25 Jack Thompson trials held!

Andy on his New Toy!