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The Jack Thompson British Bike Trial

The Sidcup & District MCC were expecting the course to be pretty damp but as it turned out, conditions were perfect. 3 routes were laid out and were well spaced in severity thus the event was able to cope with all levels of expertise. No sections were dangerous or involved bottomless mud, in fact I have to say it was as good a trial as I have seen in many a year.

Odd and even numbers started at section 1 and 11 respectively so queuing was minimised. Because the sections were of a straightforward nature and with switched-on observers, the trial flowed very nicely. The special test was also a section in it's own right and consisted of a mini-scrambles course about 400 yards long. This was timed and observed and had to be tackled on each of the 2 laps. Good use was made of the banked area below the carpark in both up and down directions.

All in all, an excellent event, perfectly suitable for riders with little experience. Judging by all the smiley faces and comments, it was enjoyed by most riders. Now why can't more events have Clerks of the Course like this?!

Results of the event and a selection of photographs can be found on the Sidcup website at:

Ian Webster's Scottish TCS, Completed
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