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The CSMA Red Tape Trial

Despite the weather, the army training area, being sand, was fairly well-drained but some parts were still slippery enough to catch the unwary. Possibly because of the recent weat6her or maybe the event was not publicised widely enough, only about 40 riders appeared at the start to contest 3 laps of 12 sections. 3 GRA members rode, Martin Kemp on his TFS, Jeff Morgan, Scottish and Dick Faggetter, Anglian. Scrutineer and course marker Peter Meek was buzzing around on his Scottish and Jack Chalk and myself were spectators making 6 GRA members in total. There was one further Greeves, the very smart TES of non-member Paul Casling (but we are working on him!).

The sections were well spread around the area but they were all very easy to reach on foot. There were 2 routes to choose between and both were very rideable, in fact the hard route looked fine. The first 3 sections were fairly open routes across gentle slopes but number 4 had distinctly more up and down but I did not see anyone come to grief, even on the hard route. Section 5 had a rather tricky entry, a sharp left turn over some rutted mud and Dick did very well to clean this only to needlessly ride into a tree near the exit! The next couple were straightforward ups and downs but then came a tricky climb and turn on a bank of yellow sand. This became harder as the trial went on, a piece of half-buried chainlink fencing not helping, especially when Dick’s footrest caught on it! The remaining sections were equally straightforward and presented no problems although section 11 still managed to claim a few 5’s on both routes.

With a small entry and well-spaced sections, riders were soon completing all 3 of their laps. However, one rider who had a minor problem was Martin who suspected and later proved that his magneto flywheel had come loose and rather mangled the taper. As Jeff had completed the course, Martin borrowed his Scottish and on returning found that he had just remembered why he had changed the leading link forks on his TFS for teles!

The special test comprised of a speed test down through the trees and back up to the car park with a tricky exit followed by a stop in the box. This seemed to be enjoyed by all and the well-drained soil ensured that ‘incidents were few and far between – even Dick managed to stay on and was fastest GRA member with a very respectable time!

Paul Casling had the best result losing a single mark on the hard route. Martin and Jeff also rode the hard route and both reported a very enjoyable trial apart from Martin’s mechanical mishap. Dick was runner up on the easy route to win a first class award. Greeves showing the way yet again then! I just wished I had had my bike there but having flown in from the Far East the night before, I thought I would not be up to it but in the event I could easily have ridden. Mark this trial down as another one eminently suited to Greeves and the rider who wants a fun day out! The CSMA put a lot of effort into organising this event and really deserve all the support we can give them.

Martin Ceased to Smile When he Saw the State of his Mainshaft!