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Telford Off-Road Show 2015

This year, the GRA stand found itself in Hall 3, a better spot than previous years as we amongst the display bikes and not the traders plus we were conveniently situated to watch the action on the stage. However, we were also uncomfortably close to the 'Grand Prix Paddock' when machines were fired up!

We had a good selection of bikes on display, ranging form Barry Keymer's ex-Stonebridge NSU Greeves and Dave Harper's 500 Prototype to Greg Radley's Robbie Allan meeting winner. In between we had a couple more Challengers, a Griffon plus two different varieties of Scottish (TA and TDS), TES, TFS and TGS Anglian. Pete Smith did a roaring trade with the regalia and also signed-up some more members. The stand was arranged by Dave Bradley and was easy to spot due to the GRA sail flags provided by the late Tim Griffin's family in his memory. This show was, after all, pioneered as a GRA event many years ago by Dave and Tim and the flags kept dear old Tim well to the fore in our thoughts.

The show was packed with traders with everything on display from very expensive 2015 'Bantams' to a bottle of oil. Bargains were to be found if you searched hard enough and I was lucky enough to pick up some 'end of range', branded and high quality riding gear for a fraction of its list price.

Catering for us with various Greeves and Villiers parts was Villiers Services and Steve successfully extracted a sum of money from me for a stock up on parts. On the other side of the hall was Paul of Cotton Villiers Spares with a range of new parts that he has had cast and then machined. New products included reproduction Ajax conversions in both 197 and 250 capacity and Bantam cylinder heads. He also had quite a range of secondhand parts for sale. Next to him was Simon Bateman of Nametab Engineering with various parts for sale plus of course, his usual engineering expertise.

The autojumble was mostly outside and of course, being Telford, it snowed first thing on Saturday morning. I didn't see many bargains out there but there were plenty of stalls. As in other years, you needed to get in on the Saturday as by Sunday, a lot of the jumblers had disappeared.

The 'Grand Prix Paddock' featured various racing bikes being run, so that bystanders could 'enjoy' the noise. Unfortunately, it was also 'enjoyed' by some neighbours somewhere who apparently complained but the show went on. Bob Horton joined in with his Oulton sprinter, assisted by Colin Sparrow and myself. The rollers spun and so did Bob's engine but it was reluctant to start and we were all praying that the good name of Greeves was not about to be besmirched. However, after a short delay, it crackled into life and the assembled crowd could listen to a real bike after the foreign things that had gone before.

The two days seemed to pass very quickly and it was not long before we were caught up in the mad rush to break the show down. All in all, a very good weekend. A magnificent display of Greeves, lots of regalia items sold, some new members signed up and many members meeting up with each other. If you didn't make it this year, make sure you don't miss it next!