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Sam Cooper Union Jack Trial

With perfect weather and a well laid-out course, 3 GRA members plus a further TES were included in the entry. Alan Nicklin was riding his modified TES whilst Dick Faggetter and myself were on Anglians. Dick and I rode the easy sections whilst the other two were on the hard route. On the whole, the sections were very well plotted with nothing extreme or dangerous. The event was very suitable for the casual rider who wanted an enjoyable 30 mile canter around the Cotswold lanes and tracks with a few (30!) sections thrown in for good measure.

Whilst Dick and I collected a few '5's' here and there, Alan cleaned every single section in the trial on the hard route, the only rider to do so. He therefore beat all of the twinshock entry plus quite a few very trick bikes, a fantastic ride!

He was kind enough to let me have a ride on his bike, basically a TES Mk2 and what a revelation. I have never ridden an iron-barreled Villiers quite like it and did not want to give it back.

Just because these trials are part of the Sammy Miller series does not necessarily mean they have to be difficult and the Stratford club proved that on Sunday.

Rob Thornton