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Out Front! British Motocross Champions 1960-1974

Book review


'Out FRONT' and OUT NOW!! New motocross book from Panther Publishing.

I now have a copy of 'Out Front', just arrived and have only had a quick glance at it.

However, I can confirm that it is excellent!

It is written quite differently to Paul Stephen's book. His is written by year, well supported by pictures. 'Out Front' is written on the basis of a biography for each of the stars featured.

Loads of Greeves coverage but then there has to be with Dave Bickers, Badger Goss and Bryan Wade covered to name but three.

The photographs are also excellent, well chosen to illustrate the text and are mostly half-page so lots of detail. A number of great Greeves shots as well. The text also looks highly readable.

I've only just arrived home and found it waiting for me so it's only been in my possession 15 minutes so more when I've had a proper look. I'm going to try and save this one for Christmas but I don't think it will wait!

It is available NOW and in time for Christmas if you move fast!

My advice is to ORDER ONE NOW otherwise you will regret it when it joins all the other high-priced unobtanium on eBay!

I have no connection with Panther Publishing other than as a well-satisfied customer with some of their other publications. I do however, have plenty of connections with Greeves and motocross over nearly all of the period covered hence my recommendation.