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New Greeves for Telford

Telford Off-Road Show to see unveiling of new Greeves trials machine

Richard Deal is again unveiling his latest 'new Greeves' at Alan Wright’s Telford Classic Off-road Show. This will be a heavily modified version of the bike revealed at the same event last year.

During the past 12 months, a number of the criticisms have been re-worked and improved. An example is the new position of the fuel tank, now mounted behind the gearbox.

Richard writes – 'We have now taken out an European patent on its actual design as well as increasing capacity from two to three litres. It uses an integral submersible pump as used on F1 systems. The headstock also looks completely different. Instead of being made from three separate components it is now machined from one piece of aluminium. There’s a new and much improved Ohlins shock, while the footrest hangers have been redesigned and many aluminium components switched to carbon fibre. Swinging-arm alterations have saved another kilo so with all the other changes the bike’s dry weight is now close to 60 kilos – lighter than the Spanish and Italian competition!'

Porting alterations and a revised exhaust system, from Italian company Zard have improved smooth power delivery and actually given another two bhp while new blue / silver rims of Greeves own design are due to arrive any day.

'We are planning to bring both the original prototype and the new production model to the show to demonstrate how far we have moved forwards.'