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Over the years, Greeves produced a large quantity of printed information, some for use only within the factory and other material supplied for the use of dealers, riders, etc. In addition, there have been many articles published in the motorcycling press.

The factory dispatch registers

Greeves maintained a ledger of machine dispatch from the factory and due to the foresight of an individual, these were preserved on closure of the factory. Now safely lodged within the GRA, the registers can be used for dating purposes. Information contained within them usually consists of date of dispatch, receiving dealer and any special features of the order.

The factory drawings

Again, salvaged from the closing factory by an enterprising individual, a large number of engineering drawings survive for a range of models. In general terms, these describe each individual component of a machine from individual part into the complete assembly. Although the drawings do not cover everything or every model, they have proved invaluable in reversing previous owners 'modifications' during rebuilds! Copies of various drawings have been despatched around the world to as far away as New Zealand and Australia.

Factory photographs

A large number of factory archive / press photographs also survive.